5 Ways to bypass Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Bypass SmartScreen: 5 Ways to bypass Microsoft SmartScreen

Bypass SmartScreen refers to Microsoft Windows file detection as malware. Do you want to bypass Microsoft Defender SmartScreen?

If you are coding an exe file and Microsoft Defender SmartScreen detects your file as a malicious file.

FUD crypter users like Data Encoder Crypter complain about SmartScreen detection. In short, this detection isn’t related to crypter and you need a reliable host.

So, don’t worry.

Luckily, there are many ways to bypass SmartScreen. In this guide, I’ll share four strategies you can implement today, regardless of how your file is FUD or how long it’s been liv.

What Is SmartScreen And What Triggers It?

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is the second security layer of Windows that stands against phishing and malware. It is a powerful security layer after Microsoft Windows Defender.

In short, Microsoft SmartScreen is triggered, when you are opening suspicious pages and websites or downloading the potentially unwanted application (PUA).

If you are downloading a file against a list of files that are well known and downloaded many times, SmartScreen will warn you. Also, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen blocked any malware before the run.

Microsoft SmartScreen blocked around 5% of web domains. It means SmartScreen detected more than 1 million unique domains used in web-based phishing attacks in 2021-2022.

Over the last year, Microsoft SmartScreen has seen an increase in attacks that begin and end within as little as an hour or two.

Microsoft Windows Defender VS Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Briefly, both Windows Defender and SmartScreen are part of Microsoft Digital Defense.

Most market users cannot bypass Windows Defender. So they need to update RAT pc 2022 and FUD Crypter.

Finally, some can bypass Windows Defender but have a big problem with SmartScreen detection.

In a nutshell, Windows Defender performs well in detecting more than 1 billion security threat signals, but Windows SmartScreen analyzes it more closely.

Therefore, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen as the second security layer of Windows will be a fine complement to Defender.

See the Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen detection details:

Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen detedion details

Bypass SmartScreen With Five Simple Ways

We show on the antivirus bypass videos page how to bypass Windows Defender last update 2022.

Then if you want to bypass Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, follow the below 5 Ways and make the FUD file.

The ultimate guide to bypass Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (in 5 ways).

1) Buy An Authentic Host With A Common In The User Domain Name
A. First, register a popular such as .com, .net domain.

B. buy an authentic host.

C. So, define a landing page with inbound marketing and link buildings. Internal powerful link building shows your host more formal.

Finally, link some anchor texts to different external links. SmartScreen AI searches your domain and links in the Microsoft Security database and checks with the reported domain list.

D. Put the host behind the Cloudflare CDN and proxify your domain with it. It help to make your website relaible.

2) Don’t Upload One File Or Well-Known App
SmartScreen continuously checks any common and well-known software host list.

So what to do now?

In the same way, you need to know don’t upload one file or common app to your host. You need to make a directory of useful apps and software and let the users start to download files. Your host will get the authorized point with this.

3)Clone Software Certificate
Any well-known Windows software has a Code Signing Certificate. This certificate shows the owner and software details with a digital signature.

Code Signing needs for any exe and all coders must buy this certificate to get rid of any malware detection. Ultimately, trusted software use code signing certificates too.

I recommend the following rules when creating Code Signing:

Rule #1: First create a list from well-known software that has Code Signing Certified.

Rule #2: Upload and give the download link to these files without any edit. (Follow way No 2)

Rule #3: Buy FUD crypter 2022 and abandon any free crypter or RAT remote access trojans.

It’s important to note that generally, the Top RAT pc 2023 makes your file FUD for a longer time. So you can bypass antivirus such as windows defender for a longer time FUD.

crypter software has a certificate option to clone it. Set the name and cloned file in the same way.

Rule #4: apply any Certified file for submission. To forward another, be sure to use a different Certification.

So, don’t upload the same software with a different certificate on your host.

Rule #5: ultimately, upload files to the host and link files to the official website too.

Make sure you do this. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen checks the links with reported domains. So you will get a reliable score with any inbound and outbound link building.

4) Set Your Domain And Host With Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Secure Sockets Layer is a significant factor for Google, Chrome security, and Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

In short, you can install a free SSL plugin or use a 1-2 month free SSL.

But we recommend purchasing paid SSL certificate.

You can find the lower price.

It will affect a more positive trust level VS free ones.

That’s a pretty drastic difference. You’re probably wondering what you need to do to get your host on the same level as some of these top-trusted hosts.

It is easy. Just set the SSL and define a privacy policy for users.

In short, use Cloudflare platform to make reliable host.

5) Forgot Any Mass Spreading
Briefly, the mass spreading will cause the Runtime detection. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen database is sensitive to mass spreading and immediately evaluates your link for further review. Therefore, the first flag will block your file.

Additional Tips 2023
It is possible to include Windows System 32 dll and app dlls that have valid Certificate signatures in certain situations. The next step is to put these dlls, along with an encrypted payload, in a single folder and compress them into a zip file. This zip file can then be uploaded to a trusted host with the option of using Cloudflare proxy to bypass SmartScreen or Chrome warning.

Moreover, using trusted hosts and CloudFlare proxy does not guarantee complete bypassing SmartScreen and need to consider more details such as File name, Digital signature details, File type, file size, creation date, and other Metadata.

CONCLUSION: 5 Ways To Bypass Microsoft Defender SmartScreen And Make FUD File

Many FUD crypter users like Data Encoder crypter complain about SmartScreen detection. We explain in this article that this detection is not related to crypter and any SmartScreen detection related to your host.

You need a structure to make a trusted host and upload your file on it. Is it complicated to make these required factors?

Don’t be afraid we give five simple ways to bypass SmartScreen.

Do you use other ways that we didn’t mention in this article?

Share your experience and give your feedback to Data Encoder Team.

Also we provide crypter tutorials for you.

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