Data Encoder FUD Crypter F.A.Q

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Can I download FUD Crypter From GitHub?

No, Data Encoder FUD Crypter hasn’t any GitHub or any other platform’s accounts. Don’t download any Crypter with Data Encoder name and care about backdoors.

Do you Guarantee to bypass?

Certainly, we can assure you of Windows Defender bypass within our private packages and conduct thorough testing prior to delivery.

We highly advise your consideration of acquiring the private package, as it offers a guaranteed Windows Defender bypass if FUD results hold paramount significance for your requirements

What is the shared package?

The term “Shared Package” or “Shared STUB” denotes a scenario where the stub is shared among multiple users, and its effectiveness hinges on the behavior of these users. Consequently, if a user uploads the file to websites that disseminate samples, it compromises the ability of other users to obtain pristine results. Thus, those who utilize it faster can get FUD results.

What is the difference between shared package and Private?

We will create a dedicated STUB exclusively for a single user within the Private package. Consequently, your payload will maintain its Fully Undetectable (FUD) status for an extended duration. In contrast, the shared STUB will be utilized by multiple users and will remain FUD for a shorter period, necessitating a wait for updates. It is worth noting that the shared packages do not come with any guarantees, whereas the private package offers this assurance.

How many users access Private STUB?

As implied by the name “Private STUB,” it is reserved for private and limited utilization by a sole user, the buyer.

Do you have any tutorial videos?

Certainly, We recommend viewing the Crypter Tutorial videos available on Data Encoder FUD Crypter’s Telegram channel.

How buy Crypter?

We only sell crypter through the website. You can buy Data Encoder FUD Crypter online.

Can test the Crypter?

Sorry, We haven’t any test or free packages.

Is it APK crypter?

No, It is Windows Exe crypter.

Terms & conditions

1. As the owner, we have the right to protect our product in any way; especially against customers who do not comply with the terms and conditions and reduce the quality of the product with their acts.

2. All sales are final and there is no refund option available under any circumstance.

3. The support will be provided only for the crypter itself as long as you have an active license, not for other issues, etc.

4. You are not allowed to provide any kind of crypting service.

5. You are not allowed to scan the encrypted file outside of the embedded scanner.

6. It is forbidden to upload the encrypted file on the websites which distribute samples.

7. You are not allowed to resell your license or share it with others.

8. You are not allowed to post your problems or ask for support on the sales thread; use the support system instead.

9. All support requests will be answered within 24 hours. (It is quick for those who have special support)

10. You must not be the developer or seller of another crypter and must not be a member of another crypter support team.

11. Private STUB orders/updates will be delivered within 5 – 7 days.

12. It is not guaranteed to get FUD results always; especially with old and outdated payload.

13. The updates will be released depending on the antivirus detections and customers’ usage of the crypter.

14. We may stop selling or supporting this product at any time without prior notice and a refund.

15. We are not obliged in any way to teach you how to use the crypter.

16. You hold the responsibility for your actions and we are not responsible for any issues that may occur after using the crypter.

17. We have the right to not accept you as my customer. In this case you will be refunded.

18. Enter a valid email address on the payment page, the product will be delivered to the entered email.

19. You have to send the exact amount of BTC to the given address in our getaway. Otherwise, fees or any remaining amount are on your side.

20. All sales are manual so the delivery takes time. Please be patient until I deliver the product to you.

21. The crypter may not support some applications, ask me if your application is supported.

22. You must permanently disable all of your antiviruses, otherwise, your account will be disabled.

23. HWID reset limitations: The Bronze package 2 attempts, The Silver package 4 attempts, The Gold package 8 attempts. For more attempts, you need to pay $15 for each one.

24. If you fail to follow these terms and conditions, your license will be permanently banned without any refund.

25. These Terms and Conditions could be changed at any time without prior notice.

26. Inability to use the software for lack of knowledge or customer-side problems does not impose support and a refund.